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We are looking for individuals to embody our brand and help expand our reach. As a member of our Insiders Club, you will earn commissions through personalized affiliate links. In addition you will have access to exclusive discounts, gifts and events; of course you also get the warm fuzzy feelings of contributing to the creation of a New World Normal.

The NWN Insiders Club is for our elite supporters who believe in our mission and products. We are looking for people who are influencers in their community and are commited to using their platform to promote a more holistic and inclusive society.

NWN embraces every individual and honors the humanity in all and is building a supportive community through our products and services. We are driven by the idea that we are all more alike than different and contrary to popular news we want many of the same things. Let's build bridges and explore new ways of existing together, and thrive rather than just survive in an increasingly chaotic world.

The Details:
We would love for you to join our Affiliate Insiders Club. When you join our family you will recieve a code that gets you 10% off all purchases in addition to a 10% commission. You can also share that code with friends, family and followers to pass on the 10% savings and continue to earn the 10% commission. Sound too good to be true? it's not - it really is THAT SIMPLE. 


Affiliate FAQ's:

Who gets approved?
People who are passionate about creating a better future. People who believe that living with more intention can have a positive impact on the world around them. People who want to be a part of our movement  to make our New World Normal a Better Normal. A normal to better serve us, our communities and all of humanity. Affiliates must be at least 18 years of age and be able to receive payments via PayPal.
How are Affiliate payments processed?
About a 45 days after a sale using your link the commission will be calculated and paid out via PayPal. Easy-Peasy

Where do I promote New World Normal?
Anywhere & everywhere you connect with your followers. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, Linked In or even your blog or website. Whatever works for you, and remember more sales equals more commissions, so share away!!


Link to Affiliate Application