The Climb to a Connected Soul

The Climb to a Connected Soul


In Greek mythology, humans used to exist in literal pairs. Four arms, four legs, two heads, two hearts. Zeus separated them into the body as we know it today because he feared the power of a unified whole. This is an allegory for soulmates, but in modern society it almost seems to apply to individuals. We lose touch with ourselves. The white noise of society gets loud and it’s hard to hear our own inner voices. This disconnect can leave us feeling empty, exhausted, or even just “off.” Sound familiar? Then perhaps you could benefit from the work of today’s guest, Allyn Reid.

As the first Fillipina to summit Kilimanjaro, Allyn has had a life of adventure. She’s produced a film, founded a highly-lauded conference for entrepreneurs, and now she’s moved into soulwork. Society tends to stick us inside a box. Allyn’s work connects folks from all walks of life to their inner self, which is often found far beyond the box.

Topics covered:

  • Allyn’s life experiences that lead her to soulwork
  • Why is it easier to treat symptoms rather than address the root problem?
  • What does it take for us to realize there’s a disconnect?
  • Why one size doesn’t fit all, and “neurodivergent” people may be a little less divergent than we are led to believe

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Allyn’s movie, Wish Man, can be streamed on Peacock and Amazon Prime

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