Recovering From Shame and Addiction

Recovering From Shame and Addiction


Addiction is hard to approach in a discussion. Many of us have been in a situation where a conversation turns towards the topic and our instinct is panic. We might change the subject, we might nod politely, but we usually aren’t ready for this talk. The Normal we’ll be focusing on today is arguably as destructive as addiction itself: Shame. Our guest, Brianne Davis, shares her story and discusses what she’s been doing to combat the stigma.

Brianne Davis is well-known for her illustrious Hollywood career, but she’ll be speaking to us in a different capacity today. In recovery for the last 12 years, Brianne has written a book about her experience, started a podcast, and works as a sober coach. She reflects with us on the destructive power of shame. What keeps us and our loved ones from reaching out when it’s most needed? More importantly, what can we do about it?

Topics covered:

  • Brianne is candid with us about her personal experiences and shares her recovery process
  • Why is it so hard for addicts to reach out?
  • Stifling vs sharing our struggles
  • Turning our struggles into strategies

Further Resources:


IG: @thebriannedavis

Tiktok: @the.briannedavis

Brianne’s Huffington Post article: I'm a Sex and Love Addict

Brianne’s book: Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict

Brianne’s podcast: Secret Life Podcast

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