Our future is an expedition

Our future is an expedition


When a problem is too big for an individual to handle, it’s easy to get stuck and to feel apathetic. For instance, we can commit to curbing our plastic use by eliminating straws. However, on an individual level we also understand that this choice is only our own. The rest of the world will keep using straws. What’s the point? This is why, in nature and in society, humans occasionally require support and a like-minded collective in order to accomplish big things.

In today’s episode we speak with a like-minded disruptor, Sunniva Sorby. As a Norwegian-Canadian environmental advocate, Sunniva is an inspired individual with a special place in her heart for the poles. She’s taken the initiative to get involved with her passions in any way possible, like being in the first group of women to ski to the South Pole, traveling to the U.S. in solidarity during a major election, and taking part in scientific expeditions to gather valuable climate data. Our environment currently has an expiration date. Sunniva feels this urgency, and works to educate and inspire others to reevaluate their priorities and take action on climate change.


Topics covered:

  • How the effects of climate change can be observed in our day-to-day lives
  • How can we possibly be optimistic about climate change?
  • Why would anybody ever ski to the South Pole?
  • The best ways to get involved in the scientific community as a layperson
  • How is the global community like an expedition?

Further Resources:

Citizen Science: https://www.citizenscience.gov/#

Connect with Sunniva:

Website: www.heartsintheice.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/heartsintheice

Instagram: @heartsintheice

Linkedin: heartsintheice


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