Let’s get Hygge for the Holidays

Let’s get Hygge for the Holidays


Who needs a hygge? 

Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word “hygge” refers to Denmark’s longstanding tradition of comfort. Warmth, family, relaxation, hygge covers it all. So what is it exactly? What rituals and traditions are considered hygge? While the answers to those questions depend on who’s asking, this lifestyle is accessible to everybody.

Today, with holidays on the horizon, we’re talking hygge with Diane in Denmark. Diane is a Scottish transplant to Denmark who has embraced the Danish lifestyle and has helped others do so through her routine coaching. Ever wonder why Denmark is the happiest country? Grab some cocoa, cozy up, and find out with some good old-fashioned New World Normal.

Topics covered:

  • What is “hygge” exactly?
  • How can we bring hygge into our daily lives, year-round?
  • The commodification of hygge, and why hygge can’t be bought
  • Where does comfort meet mindfulness?
  • The contributing factors to Denmark’s happiness


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Facebook: Diane in Denmark

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