Put some hygge in your workflow

Put some hygge in your workflow


The dreadful treadmill of office culture looms before us as COVID restrictions lift. Back to the normal life of commuting away from our families, back to Monday through Friday spent under harsh fluorescent lights, back to the 9-5 grind that can absorb more time than “9-5” implies. With a taste of work-from-home independence, many have realized that “normal” wasn’t working for them. So what now? Today we chat with Kimberly Crossland, a business coach who founded Roadpreneur and Cruisin’ and Campfires.

Kimberly’s unique exposure to Denmark’s well-balanced workplace culture left her with a different idea of “normal,” one that would surprise most Americans. Upon her return to the country, Kimberly knew there was a better way to work. As a result, she built her businesses around the idea that people should be able to have it all: A good job, flexibility, family, travel, and the joy that comes with it.

Topics covered:

  • Kimberly tells her entrepreneurial story, beginning in Denmark and culminating in two successful businesses
  • Where does America’s workplace culture fall short?
  • Setting boundaries with ourselves when we’re self-employed
  • How do you pronounce “hygge?”
  • The benefits of social media

Further Resources:

“The Little Book of Hygge”: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Book-Hygge-Danish-Secrets/dp/0062658808

Connect with Kim:

Roadpreneur Facebook: www.facebook.com/roadpreneur

Roadpreneur Instagram: www.instagram.com/roadpreneur

Cruisin and Campfires Facebook: www.facebook.com/cruisinandcampfires

Cruisin and Campfires Instagram: www.instagram.com/cruisinandcampfires

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