Finding Purpose in Adversity

Finding Purpose in Adversity


What would you do if you were convicted of a gruesome crime you didn’t commit? Now imagine serving 16 years of your life for that crime, all the while having to fight against the current of a system that is not only indifferent, but often malicious? You could be furious, frustrated, and fall into a habit of resentment towards the world. Or you could take the admirable path chosen by today’s guest, Jeff Deskovic.

Motivated by his own experiences, Jeff is a first-person advocate for justice reform, policy changes, and the wrongfully convicted. His hard work and

dedication have resulted in 11 overturned convictions and has successfully pushed for 8 laws to be passed. In today’s episode we will look at a normal that’s long been accepted, but has seen a growing demand for reform in recent years: the justice system.

Topics covered:

  • Disingenuous police interrogation tactics that result in coerced, faulty confessions
  • Navigating a system full of built-in biases that set many people up to fail
  • Jeff shares his story of wrongful conviction and his journey toward advocacy, legal work, and founding of his own organization to assist the wrongfully convicted
  • Why you shouldn’t shirk jury duty
  • Punitive imprisonment vs rehabilitation, and the changes needed within prisons to create a better world


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