Ism's and Syndromes and Labels, Oh my!

Ism's and Syndromes and Labels, Oh my!


“Live your truth,” we’re told by our society, and it’s a wonderful message. However, the unspoken expectation is that our truth needs to be beautiful on social media, it has to compare with other people’s truths, and it must represent the values of our employers. It’s a contradictory expectation, and we must grow beyond it. There’s a cognitive dissonance in our culture, and today’s guest is doing her best to disrupt that dissonance.

Melissa Chureau is a neurodivergent attorney and life coach who has been doing groundbreaking work in bringing mindfulness to an unexpected place: the legal sector. In a field of frequent toxicity, it isn’t easy to practice self care or meditation. Melissa speaks about her mindfulness practices and how we can live our lives presently and peacefully in a world that isn’t always peaceful.

Topics covered: 

  • Representing ourselves to the fullest in all facets of our lives
  • What do we do when we can’t turn off the TV and avoid the news?
  • Imposter syndrome, and why it isn’t entirely the “imposter’s” fault
  • Introducing unique self-care practices into the justice system

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