You're only as healthy as your cells

You're only as healthy as your cells

Mind, body, soul… cells? Today’s guest, Heather Hiniker, is the founder and CEO of Ascent, a cutting-edge regenerative technology company in Newport Beach, CA. Hiniker’s business is built on two ideas: Our bodies are created to self-heal, and that we are only as healthy as our cells. Ascent offers many services focusing on cellular health and regeneration, and has seen an uptick in traffic since COVID restrictions began to lift and people began seeking help for the residual symptoms of the virus.


The inflammatory effects of COVID are well-documented, and so is the possibility of symptoms persisting long after the body has fought the bug and won. Addressing inflammation like this on a cellular level can be intimidating for those of us who were raised on traditional western healthcare practices. In this episode we discuss how cellular self-care is not exclusive to the wealthy, and what we can personally do to keep our cells happy day-to-day.


Topics covered:

  • Cutting edge regenerative technology like CVAC, BEMER, and Nexalin, and its increasing accessibility
  • Debbie and Heather trade COVID experiences and the discuss its inflammatory effects and the resulting impact on their lives
  • Where can a gluten-challenged individual enjoy a good slice of sourdough bread?
  • How do we deal with aging? What can we do better for ourselves as nature takes its course?


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