Goal Setting and What Works with Tara McMullin

Goal Setting and What Works with Tara McMullin


When we set goals for ourselves, it’s easy to get ambitious. Maybe sometimes a little too ambitious. So we break big goals down into smaller tasks, we create systems for accountability and progress-tracking, but is this really the answer? When a goal seems to require an entire personality overhaul, it’s time to reevaluate. Today’s guest, Tara McMullin, offers her refreshing perspective on productivity and the deeper implications of the goals we set.

Tara is a writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Fresh off her debut book What Works, she discusses goal-setting and productivity. Are our goals truly our own? Moreover, is the path towards success identical for everyone? What should the process look like? The answers may surprise you, and might just give you a little peace of mind.

Topics covered:

  • What informs the goals we set?
  • Why we may not even need goals
  • Knowing your value in the goal equation
  • When to say no to yourself
  • Less commitment is more!

Further Resources:

Tara’s Website/Podcast: https://explorewhatworks.com/

Tara’s Book: http://explorewhatworks.com/book/

Check out the New World Normal membership community: https://nwncollective.com/

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