Ep 1 Jen Bloomer of Radici Studios

Ep 1 Jen Bloomer of Radici Studios

Jen Bloomer is using her talents as an artist, educator and mother to help people navigate their own creativity while building community of people exploring antiracism at the intersection of art and activism.

Jen Bloomer is an artist, facilitator and the founder of Radici Studios in San Francisco (Ra-dee-chee). For the past two decades, she has painted and taught art in Guatemala, India, Italy, Colorado, Eritrea, Thailand, Kenya and California. Jen has a BA in Latin American Studies, a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting, and a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy. She has created art with people aged 1 to 81 giving space for them to find their unique creative voice in the world through the arts. Jen’s own activist art can be seen in local murals, at marches for social justice across the country, and across social media. Her work has been shown internationally by Amplifier Art, and is included in the Library of Congress archive. Jen is a white woman married to an Eritrean/Italian man with whom she is raising mixed race children. She believes that the intersection of creativity, connection and community holds the answer to our personal and collective healing. 

Check out Jen's art and learn more about upcoming workshops on her website Radici Studios don't forget to check out her store & free downloads. You can also follow her on Instagram @radicistudios

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