Ep 2 James Barnes - Are you an Ally or Advocate?

Ep 2 James Barnes - Are you an Ally or Advocate?


Today, we're talking to James Barnes. James is a dad, a husband, a plant lover, and a creator of empathy. From a young age, he always wanted to help people, whether it was helping his peers who are struggling with depression or creating groups to hold each other accountable, he was consistently eager to lead and help. He now uses that passion to help ease the anxiety that stems from the LGBTQ plus experience for business owners, parents, and even LGBTQ plus individuals themselves. James is an expert in LGBTQ plus training, and coaching.  He loves to empower business owners with the confidence and knowledge to better serve transgender clients and employees. Which will have a profound impact on not only their business, but society as a whole.

You can connect with James on his Instagram or his website 

You can get more information on legislation affecting the LGBTQ+ community on the  ACLU Website

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