Ep 7 Craig Gustafson, Escaping Social Awkwardness

Ep 7 Craig Gustafson, Escaping Social Awkwardness


Welcome back to the NWN Podcast today I am talking with Craig Gustafson. Craig is a Certified Body Language Trainer, on a mission to help everyone he can in Escaping their Social Awkwardness. As a 26-year submarine veteran, and self-described recovering social misfit, he understands what it takes to learn the science of social interaction. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and regularly gives training to small businesses with public-facing staff, to help them interact better with their customers. His true passion is helping young adults, especially those who may identify as neurodiverse, learn how to create better connections with the people in their lives. He uses science-based strategies to teach the invisible but very real science of body language. I hope you enjoy listening as we chat about making connections with people you might not agree with, entrepreneurship during a pandemic and making the world a better place. We have a great conversation, and since this is being released the week of Thanksgiving (USA) I am going to leave you with a NWN holiday challenge…ask better questions make an effort to build better connections with the people in your life…even the family members you don’t agree with – see if you can have a conversation where you both feel seen and heard… Because The truth really is we all win when we have good social interactions, and real improvement is possible if you’re willing to try.

Craig also does one-on-one and small group coaching with young adults and entrepreneurs who feel socially awkward or socially disenfranchised. Be sure to connect with him on his website (EscapingSocialAwkwardness.com) or his new Facebook Community.

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