Ep 6 Sandhya Jha, The Power of One Voice

Ep 6 Sandhya Jha, The Power of One Voice


The daughter of a Hindu from India & a Presbyterian  from Scotland, it's not surprising that Sandhya has spent 25 years in activism and organizing; from the streets of Oakland all the way to the Hall of Congress. Sandhya's policy background gets put to good use around housing & labor justice, but their experience as a pastor and  in non-profit also give them  comfort in organizing, training and providing spiritual encouragement. They are currently working on their fifth book for Chalice Press. FB: Without Fear Consulting

IG: Sandyha Jha

LinkedIn: Without Fear Consulting

Twitter: @PastorSandhya

Website: SandhyaJha.com

Want to recognize the Indigenous Land you occupy?Text your Zip Code or City, State to 855.917.5263

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