Ep 4 Stacy Greathouse PhD - Pedagogy, Pirates & The Dark Classroom

A conversation with Dr Stacy Greathouse on how we can create a more student-centered educational experience...learning

Dr Greathouse is an educator, an instructional designer and self-proclaimed Pirate. She rec’d her doctorate from Illinois State University located in Normal  - so as you may have guess we will talk a bit about “normal” in addition to our educational systems and their flawed state of being. Impassioned and willing to ask the uncomfortable questions and do what it takes to create a student- centered learning experience; Stacy and her curious community have founded the Dark Classroom – a space for educators to get acquainted with their Shadow-Selves and see their roles in current systems without judgement;  Formal and informal educators are welcome in the community  whose mission is to Defy Normal ~ Live Bravely ~ Rise Curious

Dr. Stacy Greathouse is known more commonly to her students as Dr. Pyrate. Across nearly 3 decades in education, she's served as a k-12 teacher, higher education instructor, high school career counselor, undergraduate and graduate degree instructional designer, subject matter expert, national standardized test scorer, corporate trainer, volunteer community educator and public speaker. As co-founder of The Dark Classroom, her doctorate in pirates, pedagogy, and children's literature has taught her how defy normal. empower co-conspirators, and rise up curious. Her definition of success is to hear or say at least once a day, "I never thought about it that way!"

You can contact at dark.classroom@pm.me

or connect with Dr Stacy Greathouse on LinkedIn

And find The Dark Classroom at the International Forum of Women in E-Learning Conference

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