Arranging Your (Own) Death

Arranging Your (Own) Death


We’ve heard from many coaches on this podcast. Life coaches, finance coaches, business coaches, but who’s ever heard of a death coach? Everybody does it, but many of us get nervous when speaking about death. We still have plenty of years, why should we rush into all these gloomy documents? Today’s guest, Julia DeCaneva, sheds light on the stigma and offers solutions.


Julia is a cancer survivor with a knack for organization. She spent some time as a professional home organizer, which would later carry into her work as a coach in mindfulness. She now works as a death doula to help us make the most out of our lives and, by extension, our deaths.


Topics covered:

  • Intentional living and how it makes our deaths better
  • Why we should talk about sickness while we’re well
  • The importance of saving your passwords!
  • How can organization and decluttering ease our passing?


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