All in the family, no really ALL of us

All in the family, no really ALL of us


When we think of “family,” a specific image usually comes to mind. Something reinforced on TV since the 50s, an ideal man and a picturesque woman with two wholesome children. It’s neat and tidy, but a tidy family is not real. We can do everything “right,” but the idea of “family” was never meant to fit neatly into a box. Today’s guest reminds us that, no matter what our family looks like, we’re doing ok.

Amy Stone is a family coach who specializes in quieting the chaos that can come with a blended family. In today’s episode, we will discuss her work, the different forms a family can take, and how to balance it all.

Topics covered:

  • How can your partner’s ex be your greatest childcare ally?
  • Why divorce doesn’t need to be terrible
  • Observing holidays across multiple families and events
  • The impact of language and emotional connotations on our familial relationships

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