A Juicy Talk with Juicy AF

A Juicy Talk with Juicy AF


Just one drink. Harmless, right? Not always, even one drink can be a problem for many people. Here at TNWN, we keep things nonjudgmental, but educational. The truth is, alcohol isn't for everybody. Sometimes, even a glass of wine can physically, mentally, and socially destroy a person. When it gets to this point, what are our options?

Today's guest, Kay Allison, is an entrepreneur and founder of Juicy AF (Alcohol Free), a community of women who have elected to take an intentional approach to alcohol consumption. Kay has been "AF" since 1999, and her program has helped women put the bottle down, reimagine their identities, and improve their lives.

Topics covered:

  • Social drinking and how to handle the pressure and odd reactions when opting out
  • Does alcohol really help anxiety, or make it worse?
  • What to do instead of drinking?
  • How can we rewrite ourselves and our stories to serve us?

Further Resources:

Email Kay: kay@juicyaf.life

Kay's Website: https://juicyaf.life

Check out the New World Normal membership community: https://nwncollective.com/

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