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I am Debbie – Certified Life Coach and Founder of New World Normal. I love helping my clients, listeners and community members reconnect to the things that are most important to them. Empowering them to live life more aligned with their values - leading to a more purpose-filled and joyful existence.

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

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New World Normal

New World Normal is bringing together people who want to impact the world in positive ways. Practicing self-care and intentional lifestyle knowing that with every choice they are building a better future, a New World Normal.

The goal is not to get back to normal but the move forward to a BETTER normal.

New World Normal is not a brand... It's a movement!

The Collective by NWN

A virtual membership community bringing together collaborative and cooperative humans who are committed to being the best version of themselves. Exploring personal growth, full-being wellness and intentional lifestyle so that we can all feel more empowered to design a life aligned with our values. Enabling us to navigate life with more certainty and less overwhelm.

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New World Normal

The year was 2020. The world was going a bit bonkers...Do you remember, or have you expunged it all from your memories?? People were freaking out about this "new normal". They were worried about how horrible it was and how it was here to stay, and I couldn't help but wonder...was the old normal all the great?! Didn't we have some say what our normal looked like? and so, the New World Normal podcast was born.

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